Q. How do I make a good decision choosing a music and sound company for our event?

A. The 3 key factors in any business transaction are price, service and quality. While price is often the most attractive factor to people, the cost of the music compared to the total cost of an event is usually small. Yet, in most cases guests and hosts comment that the entertainment was the key to an events success. The value of sound quality and planning services is perhaps more important to your event’s success than the lowest music cost available to you.

Q. We have been to events where the sound takes over. The volume is so loud you can’t talk to people or understand the words of the music. What causes this?

A. It is not so much the volume as distortion. Distortion is the result of equipment that is not capable of delivering enough power for the volume needs and acoustical challenges presented by the event facility. Properly combining powerful equipment with your music and overcoming the facility challenges are the keys to powerful, event enhancing sound that is event friendly – not event dominating.

Q. How much experience do you have?

A. The three DJs have 24, 15 and 12 years of experience working events that range from:
· DJ events ala weddings, parties and business functions
· Live events such as nightclubs and concerts and nightclub dance scenes
· Bandleader and professional musician
· Convention and event management services.

Q. Will you allow requests?

A. Absolutely – but based on your input. Our objective is to assist you in customizing your event playlist with your must have songs and the types of music you want. The songs you select and the amount of time your chosen music takes helps us manage the types and number of requests that can be handled.

Q. Does the DJ interact with crowd?

A. The extent of the DJ’s interaction is determined with you during the pre-planning process prior to the event. Some parties want a lot of interaction at and on the dance floor. Others want a skilled DJ delivering music with a low key approach. Basically, what does the customer want?

Q. Do you have references?

A. The reference page on the web-site displays the customer feedback we have received.  After seven years, our business is largely referrals due to the great customers we have had.  References can be provided.

Q. Are we guaranteed the DJ of our choice on the day of our event?

A. DYER SOUNDWORKS has several DJ’s. All of our DJ’s are skilled and well-prepared for each event.  If a specific DJ is required or requested, we will do all we can to provided that selected DJ.

Q. How early do you arrive to set up?

A. Generally sixty minutes is a good set up time. We prefer to be there ninety minutes before your guests will begin to arrive. We also will contact and view the facility prior to your event.

Q. How will you be dressed?

A. Per your direction we will attired in suits, formal wear, jacket and tie or business casual.

Q. Are you a real business?

A, Yes, we are a formal business corporation registered in Minnesota and we carry general liability and equipment insurance.

Q. If something goes wrong with your equipment do you have back up?

A. Yes. Our primary musical management system is a digital mixer that delivers the music to the sound mixers and speakers. Backups to that are: 1. a back up iPod mixer, 2. a laptop computer played directly through the sound mixer and speakers or, 3. an iPod running directly to the sound mixers. We also maintain back up iPhones and iPods.

Q. Do you have Karaoke?

A. We do not provide traditional karaoke services. However, we are always open to opportunities to provide you with the music and microphones you may need for any special vocal performances you would want to include in your event.

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